Clean up my Criminal History

Let go of the past …

There are options to clean up (EXPUNGE)

your Criminal/Arrest record.

We make it easy to ERASE that arrest or conviction from your record AND often can offer a flat-rate fee for these types of services.

There ARE avenues in Utah to clean up your past criminal arrest or conviction history.  You may qualify for an expungement (of your record of arrest or conviction) OR reducing your felony charge to a misdemeanor OR both.

Helping people make a clean slate by cleaning up their past criminal/arrest records is one of my FAVORITE things to do as an attorney.  I try to look at and see alternative solutions to help you get where you need to be – like getting minimal misdemeanor or traffic tickets that are making you ineligible for expungement reduced so you can qualify OR petitioning the Board of Pardons for a pardon OR offense reduction (much like a 402) so you CAN qualify for expungement or get out of “felony” land.

Don’t just give up … Call me for a free consult to see if/what you might qualify for.

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